Enable system Services on MacOS

Developers, please make Joplin a good MacOS citizen and open up Joplin for integration with other apps and utilities by enabling Services integration in Joplin!

I use a solution integrating Zotero/Betterbibtex/pandoc for academic referencing, which works nicely with all editors which support system Services on MacOS. It involves calling an Applescript embedded in an Automator generated System Service, which is activated by a Keyboard shortcut – see recipe here.

But it does not work in Joplin :frowning:

I may be completely wrong, as I am no programmer, but I suspect the missing Services Menu support in Joplin is the culprit. Support for this would be beneficient as it enables many other small utilities to cooperate with Joplin – and might be relatively easy, as per this thread).

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