Dragging in Dark Theme

I love the dark theme, but i can barely see the drag.

Im currently using the OLED Dark mode, but lets say i want to select an entire paragraph, so i drag it.
But its really hard to see how much of it I have selected.

Would be great if its a different color to be easier to identify.

Does this previous post about modifying userchrome.css help?

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Yes thats exactly the one I was looking for.
Sorry for posting something that already exists, didnt manage to find this post earlier.

I currently have it installed through the installer on windows. Would I need to git clone for me to access userchrome.css? Or can i still find it somewhere?

No, either create a userchrome.css file in c:\Users\<username>\.config\joplin-desktop or use Joplin's settings to create and open the file.

Tools > Options > Appearance > Show Advanced Settings > Custom stylesheet for Joplin-wide app styles (EDIT)

Then add the below, change the colour to suit your tastes, save the file and shutdown and restart Joplin (File > Quit not the "X" that just shuts down the window)

 .CodeMirror-selected {
	/* selected text */
	 background: #0663d3 !important;

I will also add this to the main app as it's true the selection is not very visible in dark mode.



I forgot to say, "Welcome to the forum!" :slight_smile:

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This works as exactly as I wanted it to

Thank you so much for your detailed answer so that even a beginner like me can easily configure it.

Thank you!

Thank you! Im so glad i found this beautiful text editor and am happy to be part of the community