Compress SQLite database?

There's this new tool just announced that can greatly compress sqlite databases without affecting the search capabilities.I was wondering if this can be applied in Joplin's case when you have some GB worth of data.

sqlite-zstd: Transparent dictionary-based row-level compression for SQLite

Does anybody have some GB worth of data in their joplin db? I have thousands of notes (ok, not quite this many, but still :grin:), and my DB is only 103 MB.

My entire profile is ~2GB, because the thing that makes it grow the most are the attachments...

Yes,I. My database.sqlite is 2.5 GB.That is because I use Web Clipper a lot and dump interesting articles into Joplin as notes.

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Ah, so presumably you have a lot of HTML text in your notes. That makes sense.