Coding Phase - Week 7 Report

Last Week

In the last week, I continued work on the notelist-sidebar. I worked on:

  • part of the UI
  • note switching functionality
  • note adding functionality

This Week

I plan to finish implementing and testing the note-list sidebar.

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What's done exactly on this note list component, and what's left to do? Did you encounter any difficulties while developing this?

Ive had this recurring issue, where the android emulator gets stuck at 'loading from localhost...". I usually have to waste alot of time restarting my development environment, reinstalling node modules, troubleshooting generally. Lately Ive been avoiding closing the environment to prevent the issue.

But so far ive not had any big issue with the implementation itself.

What's done:

  • The note switching functionality
  • The note creation functionality
  • Basic UI

Whats not done:

  • Triggering the opening and closing of the sidebar
  • The opening and closing animation
  • Rendering the sidebar only at certain screen widths
  • Highlighting the selected note
  • The search functionality
  • Tests

Thanks for the additional info.

When the emulator gets stuck loading normally it should be enough to just reload the app

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