Code background colour barely visible

Would it be possible to "darken" (i.e. make it a darker shade of grey) the background colour of code? While block code isn't that bad due it it covering the whole line, inline code is barely visible at best, and literally invisible on low/cheap quality screens (e.g. TN monitors).

For example, this is what I'm talking about.

The background appears just white on a TN monitor I've got here. On a good IPS screen, the light grey colour is visible, but not without having to focus and look for it specifically. Otherwise, it's very easy to miss.

If you are using the Markdown editor / viewer the below css allows you to change the code background for fenced code blocks and inline code in the viewing panel.


code,.inline-code {
    background: #c0c0c0;

This is about the forum theme :wink:, hence the "Meta" tag.

Ok :slight_smile:

Totally missed that it was posted under "Meta"...

I think this is just the default Discourse theme, not anything set manually. Might be worth asking on the Discourse meta forum?

Probably, but this isn't a new problem. There was the same issue on a different forum, and there the admins simply tweaked the theme to make code more visible. That was exactly 1 year from now, so I'm doubtful Discourse itself is going to do anything about it.