Calculator function


The functionality is very interesting when you write a mathematical expression you put equality and by clicking on the key combination you get the result of the calculation at the end of the equality.

And before or after you can describe what kind of expression it is, why it is…
Very comfortably!


Very cool idea! I think a plugin could be written using or a call to something like

for reference


Agree, this is a cool idea, sort of like Jupyter Notebooks.

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Now that Joplin has a plugin system I've gone ahead and built a plugin based on on your idea. It's not exactly as you describe, but I'll be spending some time in the future to make it more fully featured. For now I think you'll still find it useful.

Well, don't put your hopes up yet.
On a recent post describing what I am doing with Joplin (for fun and testing), and how to automate it with a plugin, I got the following answer from the moderator:
I'm using Joplin as a frying pan. I open a note that includes an x265 video that plays in a loop. The CPU gets so hot that I can fry eggs on the case. Isn't that just great? So much easier than just using a frying pan.

I actually think it's reasonable to use Joplin as a kind of discussion system. I could easily imagine a small company having multiple Joplin clients sharing one sync target - and in there they could have a notebook for various discussions. These discussions would be searchable and would be part of the company backup. I guess it would be more like a forum than an actual chat system.

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Man, you really don't get sarcasm. I even mentioned it in the post so that you are not offended, since you are apparently very easily offended by anything that does not fit your idea of "normal".

Usage of the word sarcasm seems to be changing?

The Oxford English Dictionary has:

No, it doesn't.

So you meant to convey contempt?

I'm done here. Another one who doesn't get it. Read the definition again. Do you see the word "or" in there? Either way, maybe someone else can explain it to you. I rather not waste my time with these kind of discussions.

Especially since the topic is about the calculator function.

This is my last post in this topic.

Cheap defense, I cannot help the feeling you don't even know what sarcasm is, or why to use it. I suggest we avoid any further exchange including any discussion of "normal". To provide some relief, I was never offended by anything or anybody in this forum. But I do easily detect overgrown egos. It will keep hurting you in the future. So can we please stop here and now ?