[Beta Test] Sharing A Note Spawns Numerous "Untitled" Notes

Joplin Desktop 2.1.7 Win10
Joplin Server (server/2.1.6-beta) Self hosted

Selecting and sharing a note within a notebook causes Joplin to spawn numerous "untitled" notes. This occurs after "copy shareable link" has been pressed and after the sync has taken place.

If the share dialog is closed and one of the "Untitled" notes is selected the content appears to be that of an existing note and, in this case, one from a different notebook.

If another notebook is selected and then the original notebook is selected again the "untitled" notes have gone.

This has occurred every time I have shared a note so far.

This does not happen if you share from "All Notes".
Same occurs using Joplin Cloud (2.1.6).

I thought I fixed this in the latest version, but looks like it can still happen. You're definitely on desktop version 2.1.7?

Yes, it's 2.1.7 (Portable) with only default options and no plugins.

I can confirm this bug.

Thanks for the report, that will be fixed in the next release.