API not returning body in version 1.0.161

Using the GET call /folders/:id/notes the receive notes no longer have a body field as of version 1.0.161.

Am I using the api incorrectly? If not I can create an issue on github to track this.

For reference here is one such note

{'id': 'bef26ef749da4fc1aabbda0c1d96220f', 'title': 'Comparison of Internal Clustering Validation Indicesfor Prototype-Based Clustering', 'is_todo': 1, 'todo_completed': 0, 'parent_id': '7b9c047bbb8c4d57ba6ae6501be6e32e', 'updated_time': 1563429697265, 'user_updated_time': 1563429697265, 'user_created_time': 1559671959053, 'encryption_applied': 0, 'type_': 1}

I’ve confirmed this by downgrading to v1.0.160 and the api works as expected,

gift API : no more body returned · Issue #1737 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub :slight_smile:

I knew I was being an idiot somehow, thanks @foxmask

Me too😆