Android Screen Rendering Issue

I see a screen rendering bug on 1.3.13 that was not occurring on the previous version.

When viewing certain screens (perhaps all screens?), the bottom half or so of the screen is empty, until a tap or scroll event occurs. I'm unsure of all the circumstances where this happens, but I am aware of two frequent and reproducible examples:

  • Viewing Options / Sync Status
  • Viewing a list of notes within a tag.

I believe it only occurs once when the app is first loaded, then doesn't recur until the app is closed or unloaded as a background app, then re-opened again.

So, to reproduce:

  1. Open Joplin fresh, perhaps after force-stopping or clearing the app from the Recents list to ensure it's a freshly loaded.
  2. Open Options / Sync Status
  3. Observe how the bottom half of the screen is not rendered.