Add Emoji Picker for Notes

The desktop app should contain an in-built emoji picker (like the one used while creating the label for a notebook) makes it easier to add emojis without plugins.

Hello there,

Can you tell why Emoji plugin doesn't work for you?

I am having issues while setting it up, so I proposed that it would be better if it came inbuilt without the need for plugins. Is there any guide that could help me set the emoji plugin? That would help a lot.

Joplin menu -- Tools -- options -- plugins -- type "emoji" in the search bar -- install button -- restart Joplin

Once Joplin is up, start typing in note body :smil to see the emoji pop up

There is no need for a in-build emoji picker, because all systems are bringing their own.

Windows (10 & 11): WIN + . 🡒 Opens the Emoji Keyboard at the location of the cursor on Windows, works in every Input field, Joplin, too.

MAC: Has the same, but opens with the Keys CTRL + CMD + Space 🡒 I think, can't test this, I use Windows.