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A very simple, really useful plugin (idea)

One of the most recurrent tasks I miss practically every day ? a keyboard or (less useful) a menu command which opens the last note edited, or the next note (edited). It's the equivalent of the go back and go forward commands already available. One could use cmd-shift-left and cmd-shift-right as keyboard shortcuts, and add the commands to the Go menu in the menu bar.


Not a good idea ?

So, in other words, it's a shortcut to "All notes" section in the sidebar (which is sorted by modification date)?

I believe if you click on it, you'll place the focus on last modified note and then using the arrow keys you can go back and forth in your "modification history".

So far, I haven't seen a shortcut (or a command in command pallet for that matter) to navigate to "All notes" as well as requests to add one, although personally I would appreciate it.