Workflow and organising question

Hi - not a problem, more an organisational question. As a professional artist I produce a lot of entries in my art journal (at least daily). Would it be more useful to sort my notes into notebooks of years (e.g. Art Journal 2019, Art Journal 2020 etc) or to just have one large notebook called Art Journal? Or perhaps it doesn't matter and is just personal preference? I'd welcome your views.

I personally found this the best approach for me. I firstly sort in Year, than in month and after this in weeks. Here I put my Daily stuff. If I have weekly Journals, I ditch the weekly subfolder and put into year's folder directly.

And on top of that I use a Index File created with the help of the Note overview plugin.

But it's only a preference of course :wink:
I started my journey with "stealing" the workflow from others, and after almost two years I found my perfect workflow.

Bullet Journal
│─── 2021
│   │─── Week #01
│   │    └───
│   │    │─── ...
│   │    └───
│   │─── Week
│   │─── ...
│   └─── Week #52
│   ...

To add to what was said above, the flat structure of tags could be used to describe themes, styles, techniques, instruments, inspirations and other metadata about the work.

It is also best to include enough text inside the notes depending on how you're going to search for them. Don't forget Joplin supports geolocation saving you a trouble to type the place you created the note.

I must warn you though, at the moment Joplin does not have an ability to draw / pencil support. You can only attach your work and edit from external program of your choice and on mobile it is somewhat difficult imo.

Many thanks for your response - the Index File sounds intriguing and I will check it out. I think as a natural 'lumper' I will just split mine into years but of course it's early days!

Thanks for that - I wasn't really planning on drawing directly in the app at all, I mostly use photos of paintings (my own or others') and write a related commentary. There's plenty of text for searching.

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