Will encrypted notes be saved with Samsung SmartSwitch?

I recently had to pull all of the data off a doomed phone.

I had not previously installed any kind of backup, like Titanium Backup, and obviously doing so would have required a device wipe, thereby defeating the purpose in the first place.

Seems like my only option was to draw things off on an external SD card/drive. However I discovered Samsung SmartAwitch, which I had never used before, which allegedly allows you to create an entire backup of the device that can be emulated on a new one somewhere. Supposedly this preserves all of the app data.

I have a lot of Joplin notes saved on this phone, more than a Year's worth. It is still semi operable, but I cannot currently find a way to export that info off the device, since it is on the Android Workspace side. I'm kind of at a time limit as to how long I can keep attempting since it is running on some borrowed parts.

I am wondering if all this information will be saved in the Smart Switch backup, the notes are encrypted, or if those keys are specific to a certain physical device and therefore the notes will be unusable. If it is the first, I will just attempt to retrieve the notes later, knowing that they have at least been preserved there.

(I cannot test this at the moment, since my replacement phone is not a Samsung and I don't have a spare Samsung device anywhere)

I've no idea what Smart Switch backup does but to minimize the chance of losing your notes I suggest you do 2 things:

  1. Set up sync with any target, even file system and let it run to completion
  2. Use the "export profile" function to get a dump of you data. Admittedly, it won't be quite trivial to load this dump back but as an extra safety measure it can useful.

And then you can give the Smart Switch a try.

Also in the config screen there’s a button to button to export your profile to an external SD card. If it works you can then use this profile on desktop to retrieve your notes.

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