Who has large cloud syncs to ios actually working?

(desktop 1.3.18 win32 on win 10)
ios client is brand new - 10.5.1

Syncing my dataset (which even trimmed down has 10s of thousands of files in a filesystem sync tree) over nextcloud simply is not workable - my current estimate is that it will take several weeks to make the initial database, I see no hope of syncing more than a few notes down to the ios client.

OK, how about direct writing to aws s3? I see it as a beta feature, some discussion of bugs, but then months go by. Does it work? Is there a pointer to how to configure the aws s3 bucket?

Syncing practically, with large datasets, to ios and android will be the big bugaboo for users coming from evernote.

(And my phone has like half a terabyte of storage, so it's not about space...)

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