Which one do you use more, desktop or mobile?

Which one do you use joplin desktop or mobile more?

First, let me introduce my usage

In situations where I need to type a lot of text, I prefer the desktop side.

There are two main reasons

  1. Faster typing on desktop keyboard
  2. The joplin desktop is more powerful.

When typing a normal amount of text, I prefer mobile.

A little bit on the mobile side, I think there are a lot of them

  1. Easy to carry

  2. Small screen

Yes, you heard that right, the small screen is indeed an advantage (I mean the normal size), and I will explain why I think the small screen is also his advantage.

One of my recent usage scenarios is using it for reading notes

I first copy the content of the e-book to joplin, complete the typesetting error correction on the joplin desktop, and then I will take notes on the mobile terminal. Why not take notes on the desktop, I think the desktop screen is too big, and seeing a lot of text at a glance is like seeing a lot of work at once, and people don't know where to start.
The mobile terminal has a smaller screen, and a screen has only a few texts. It looks really comfortable. Don't you think the mobile terminal looks more comfortable? Of course, the ability to complete this experience has a great relationship with the addition of the joplin mobile toolbar, and I would like to express my gratitude to the developers here.

In conclusion, I still use the desktop a little more time, but the time on the mobile is more and more.

Having said that, let me talk about my views on joplin mobile terminal. I think he is as unique and special as the joplin desktop. You can never guess whether users fell in love with joplin because of desktop or mobile or other reasons.I don't buy into the idea that joplin mobile is an "additional product" to desktop.

Finally, thanks again to the developers. joplin is really great.

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Neither, the terminal app is actually the one I use more than any other.

That isn't to say I don't use the other two extensively but the terminal app is what I use for the majority of creating and reading of my notes.
One of the main reasons is that I can SSH to my main PC from any of my other devices and not have to worry about the sync. It also works on such a wide variety of hardware. The vim like interface is really nice and it integrates extremely well with external terminal based editors like helix or vim.

The desktop app mostly serves as a place where I read notes if I need them in a nicely rendered output and more importantly it is where I do all my "maintenance". i.e. where I make sure things are organised, tagged, sorted etc.

Mobile I rarely use for anything other than quickly referencing a few simple things, I don't really do much editing on it, its mostly for to-dos and lists. Anything I do write I just then edit later on terminal or desktop.


It's a client in its own right, I agree. But it could do much better if it had background sync (just like any other mobile app). Although it can be extremely tedious to wait for sync having finished, I use Joplin for iOS very often, both for reading, writing, and adding attachments. Swiping gestures would be a very welcome addendum as well (just like any other iOS app - I think that Joplin really has to catch up on mobile usability).

Having said that, it's still a great product, no matter which OS and client you use!

Thanks for bringing my attention to the terminal based app. I didn't go into it thinking it would be too intimidiating setting up sync and e2ee, but it was a breeze. The challenge comes with navigating the interface. Time to look up a tutorial (or write my own) :slight_smile:

As for which app I use more, I usually use the desktop app more, but I also dislike it the most. The interface is way to cluttered for my liking, even if I can hide certain parts of it. The mobile app however is a breeze to use (and consume) my notes.

I use the android app on a stylus-tablet (handwriting) to take lots of fast, long notes, with pictures. Then I sync and re-edit them on the desktop to clean things, and export to PDF.
So, I definitely use both at the same time :wink: