Which of the following two types of ux do you think is better?

    1. Select the content to be operated, then select the operation, and finally select the target location. For example, telegram forwarding messages to other groups
    1. Select the content to be operated, select the target location, and then select the operation. For example, copy and paste files in Windows

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I plan to implement the function of joplin-vscode-plugin to move notes or notebooks, refer to: Feature Request: Allow for Moving Notes in the All Notes View · Issue #43 · rxliuli/joplin-vscode-plugin · GitHub

joplin-vscode-plugin-0.4.5.vsix (1.9 MB)

I think it depends how the operation starts. If it's a context menu, the first option makes sense. If it's copy and paste, the second is more convenient.

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