What is needed to support pikchr

As I do not understand what the requirements is needed to support pikchr.org type drawing in markdown, I ask if somebody with more expertice could have a short look. If it is not possible, then it is not possible.


This can be done with a plugin, however the library is in C so packaging it would be not trivial.

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Looks like it might already be packaged.

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I wonder if this is a fork or just a wrapper around the native lib. In the latter case getting it to work might still be problematic

I realize, when looking at the various github repositories, that I do not understand anything related to how things are done. I tried to read my way through the code, but was not able to grok where the markup is actually being formatted.

I am not quite sure what this means for the possibility to have pikchr in joplin:

Pikchr.js allows you to generate Pikchr diagrams directly from Javascript using Emscripten.

-- https://www.npmjs.com/package/pikchr-js

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