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Wget Installation Routine abort under puppy linux

I will use the the wget Installation Methode of the Website for Linux, but I use PUPPY Linux and the Script abort with the comments, that the Script cabt use with root. I schoukdntry the Parameter - - allow-root. But how can I use These Parameter when I use the wget Methode?

It might be better to ask this question on a puppy linux specific forum. I did a quick google search but didn’t find anything specific to what you’re asking.

  1. Save the script to disk and run it from disk. (Not put it to sdtout and pass via pipe to shell)

  2. Don’t do it as root anyway. Very bad idea.

Thx, but Puppy works “only” with root, User Profile is Experimental. And its ok so.
I use it carefully :slight_smile:

Yes, Google have not ever a answer :slight_smile:

Is the saving local copy of the script (by wget) and then run it with command line argument the feasible way?