Web clipper - "Read your browsing history" (?)


May I ask, why does the web clipper need access to user’s browsing history, if actually all it needs is access to the “active tab”?


These are the permissions we need: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/blob/2a1c6d647585d4b18a82a587491bd0e5c64b0abd/Clipper/manifest.json#L13

We don’t explicitly request browsing history access, but since the clipper needs access to the current page I guess it means browsing history could be built up by the extension. But we don’t do that, we just clip the current page when requested and this is it.

I think it’s the “ActiveTab” needed, no need for “Tabs” - that’s why it grabs the history
… just saying.
Others may know better.