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Web Clipper is now available (BETA feature)


Haha don’t worry I’m not suggesting that adding this feature would ruin the software completely and forever HURR DURR. :slight_smile:

By the way, I have since remembered what my intended use case was: I wanted to add notes via IFTTT or Flow like I now do into Evernote.

Though the solution described above would be perfectly acceptable, and still not important enough for me to bother with. :joy:

And if anyone else wanted this feature, I’d genuinely be interested in their use case. :slight_smile:


Brand new user of Joplin - so happy!

The only downside is that I am experiencing the problem in Firefox w ith the OK button disappearing from the bottom of the screen. I’m using Windows 10. Is there any workaround to this bug yet?

Thanks for your generosity, Laurent. I look forward to donating when I have some money.


The Web Clipper is the killer feature for me (well, also the ability to store images and not just text). My daily computer runs ChromeOS. While I’m sure their is probably a way to install the Linux client, I’d much prefer to be able to have the web clipper extension grab stuff and submit to a client running on a different computer. Then using the web interface that I see is in development would allow me to interact with the content. Any chance of the clipper being able to clip to a remote client instead of a local one?


There’s currently no headless server available. I think @laurent worked on it in a separate branch at one point. I don’t know the current status.


A server would be ideal, but even having a client on a different computer somehow accept clips from a different computer would be a start.


Currently there’s no encryption locally.

However, as soon as you have a client/server concept or an API which is accessible remotely the data flow must be encrypted. Since the current implementation does not encrypt API access I doubt that remote access will be made available.


I do think it’s best to leave unsecured APIs on localhost only.

However @jpfieber, if you know what you’re doing, you probably could put it behind a reverse proxy and even secure it. :thinking:


Unfortunately, I don’t know what I’m doing…


Hmm, I doubt it. The clipper connects via http requests thus using a reverse proxy with TLS won’t work, since you can’t tell the clipper to use https instead. But maybe I’m wrong.


When I fill in a text area in a web form and select the text, I can’t seem to get it into the web clipper. As soon as the clipper opens the text area loses focus and selection.
Selecting non-form texts works.
Is this a known restriction?
Web clipper 1.0.8 in Firefox 63.0.3 on Fedora 27.


It wasn’t but now it is :slight_smile: Any chance you could add this as an issue on GitHub?


Would it be possible to clip screenshots of pdf files open in google chrome?


With the web clipper, would it be possible to highlight some text, click the Joplin web clipper, and have the text and url of the text’s webpage be saved ath the same time. Like evernote?


Yes, just select the text and use the button ‘Clip selection’.


Thanks for replying. For some reason, why I clip selection, it only clips the selected text.

I was wondering if it could work like evernote where you select text, and click clip bookmark or something. That way both the url and text are clipped at the same time.

This is more like evernote’s clip selection, which only clips text.


I don’t understand. The URL is clipped as well. Click on the info button in the toolbar…

This button: image

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Thanks tessus!!!
I see now.


btw, when activating the web clipper, is it possible for it to notify me if I already clipped something from that url? Kinda like how if you bookmark something from google, the star outline becomes a golden star?


Not that I am aware of. I’m not sure how complicated it would be to add that to the clipper code.