Web Clipper doesn't clip article's posting date

The "Clip Simplified Page" on Web Clipper is great, but misses the article's posting date 90% of the time. (Also subheads)

"Clip full page" clips too much, including ads.

"Clip selection" works but cumbersome to have to highlight the whole article first each time.

Any workaround to get "Simplified" to include the article's posting date?

Web clipper 2.1.3 - Brave - Mac

For the history: when asked @notehoard provided the next links as a source of the behaviour

  1. Space tourism’s arrival spurs US rules for inevitable mishaps | American Military News
  2. DuckDuckGo introduces new app tracking protection for Android
  3. "We'll Never Give Up" - Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov't COVID Tyranny | ZeroHedge

So far, I indeed confirm that the simplified mode doesn't capture the posting date. It might be an expected behaviour (not a bug) though.

Firefox 94
WebClipper 2.1.3
Joplin 2.5.10 (prod, linux)

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