:w for syncing in vim keyboard mode

Would it make sense to make :w sync Joplin when in Vim keyboard mode? It doesn’t seem to currently be doing anything else, and I haven’t found any other Vim-style bindings for syncing (correct me if I’m wrong for either of these).

I like how CTRL+s uses the same muscle memory for syncing that I have for saving work when I’m not thinking in Vim mode. It would be nice if I could transfer the :w muscle memory from Vim to syncing in Joplin. I know “s” as a letter makes more sense for “sync”, but :w makes sense conceptually to me. Is there a reason this shouldn’t be done that I’m not aware of?

I’m not really familiar with the vim mod but when you change the note, is it not being saved automatically? And if it is, it should also sync automatically after a few seconds.

It is, saving and syncing generally work fine. However, I move back and forth between computers quite often, and to avoid any sync errors I’m in the habit of force-syncing whenever I make a major change to make sure I don’t close my laptop without syncing.

Also, I’ve had an error a couple of times in the past where the program seems to have crashed but it still allows me to type, so I don’t realize nothing is saving or syncing until it’s too late. If I force-sync every once in a while, I’m more likely to notice that something’s up and can copy my work to somewhere else before it’s lost. I probably should have filled out a bug report at the time for that issue. I don’t think it’s happened recently, but if it does again, I will.

I would very much love to have this feature. i.e trigger a sync everytime I save the file (:w).
Is it available now?

It should be, let me know if it's not working for you.

How to trigger?
I tried saving but it did not sync automatically. I had to save and quit (:wq) and run :sync to sync it.

Simply typing :w in the editor with vim keyboard mode enables will initiate a sync. Are you using the vim keyboard mode, or vim as an external editor? You can't initiate sync from an external editor.

Can you provide a vimscript function to trigger sync?

I don't think it's possible right know.