Use of Redux in Jopliin

Why is Redux used in Joplin to maintain state? Doesn’t that make maintenance and further development harder?

Well, redux could be a bit daunting at first, but once you are done with the boilerplate there are some inherent benefits of using Redux like it implements many performance optimizations internally so that your own component only re-renders when it actually needs to, plus you cant just pass props for state, for large scale applications, it isn't efficient for debugging and you'll spend more time trying to fix the bug :beetle: which shouldn't be there in the first place if you used redux.

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In my opinion, Redux is the best way to handle state management for a large application like Joplin. It helps to keep things organized and if you’ve gone through the Joplin codebase , you’ll find out that it’s integrated into the project in a very clean way, hence it’s easier to understand how data flows