Url links on joplin

is there a way to make joplin automatically recognize url links?

what kind of URL ?

More info needed. In Windows it automatically recognizes email addresses like: abc@xyz.com and indicates the link and does a mailto:
For xyz.com it also creates the link. The links exist in the pretty pane to the right of the edit pane.

after i rebooted joplin, the url links were recognized in the “pretty pane” on the right. i have another question then: i would like to use the pretty pane as my one and only pane and be able to edit it, because it looks better. is this possible? alternatively, can i change the font of the normal pane?

if I understand well, I think that with an external editor like https://typora.io/ you could edit and write in the same pane

It isn't likely. There are very big advantages to having absolutely pure text showing everything in the editor and that is unlikely to change. There has been much discussion about using a wysiwyg editor and it is not likely to happen for all the reasons discussed there. As foxmask recommended, https://typora.io/ is an excellent option. I used it for awhile until I got used to the two panes and still prefer it, but not enough to bother with.

OK. So now I understand the mis-communication. When I said secret note, I meant note you want to be secret or note with content that needs to be secure. If you don’t feel that you can write a Joplin note and export to pdf and delete it securely, then you could use anything to create the note with the secret data, including any external editor and then export or print to PDF. Then delete. The point is that an option for secure information accessible with your Joplin database and synced is an encrypted linked file and PDF is a simple way to do that which is widely supported.

This doesn’t mean it will work for everything in all cases. It doesn’t mean Joplin can replace your password manager. It doesn’t change Joplin into a secure encrypted database. But, in many instances it would allow access to some secure information in a fairly simple way.