uploadBlob Error

I have an Error message on Android 13, with version 2.11.22 when syncing to mailbox oxdrive through WebDAV.

In the last sync the welcome notebook got deleted, after I renamed it. But I don't know if it is related to this error.

I couln't see data loss in other situations when syncing but I think there shouldn't be any error at all.

Error message:
UploadBlob use of own trust manager but none defined

I have found the 3 other forum posts with a uploadBlob error, but couldn't see any solution for my case.

Edit: Trying to get the error message in here, but getting an error messaging I cannot include links

Error: ReactNativeBlobUtil request error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Use of own trust manager but none defined

Please try the .25, that should fix it

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I'll try as soon as it will be released. Thank You.
On F-Droid it is on 2.11.22 . Is there any way to get 2.11.25 at the moment or do I have to wait?

It's already there: Tags · laurent22/joplin-android · GitHub

Thank You. No error message output.

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