Unknown Item type

I meet a problem when sync, it tells me “Unknown item type downloaded - please upgrade Joplin to the latest version”, both on Ubuntu and windows. My joplin is newest.

Please get the latest version from the GitHub releases.

I’m getting the same thing on desktop. I have the latest Joplin apk installed from GitHub here.

@lightzhan I think the unknown item type is the upcoming ‘note version’ feature. If you download the ‘beta’ version from GitHub you will get the same on desktop.

Yes the note history feature was a soft release, so available to those who manually download the APK or have pre-releases enabled on their desktop app. But it’s true that some people get that version automatically from an F-Droid repo.

The feature seems to be working well anyway so I’ll be releasing it officially soon.

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thanks. now all is ok.

thanks! now all is ok.