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Understanding data layout, lcoal SQL DB and recovery if needed

Hey all

First, thanks for an incredible tool!

I have read many posts and documentation but cannot get real clarity on some things below. I am on macOS Desktop App sync to Dropbox.

1.Is the SQL DB needed for a recovery or migration? If so, is this not logical to include this in the sync? i saw someone else confused by this.
2. If my Mac disk dies for some reason and my most recent backup can be restored, what is the process for this? SQL, sync data or SQL and local data or a combination of both?
3. I read from people who have mant tens of thousands of notes, attachments etc from Evernote or other apps, this concerns me if the data is always sync'd locally under the .config/joplin-desktop directoy and on the sync drive as this would just east away at local storage. Is this the way Joplin works as i have read? Is there anyway to have the local data purge after a sync?

Any advice and pointers to posts or documentation would be appreciated as i cannot find the exact answers.