Unable to set password on iPad

I have 2 Windows 10 PCs, Android phone and Macbook Air. Latest pre-release 1.094 on desktops. All is good, encrypted with a single key and synced via dropbox. Now I am trying to add iPad Pro 10.4. It syncs and prompts for a key. And it just does not accept my encryption key. And what is strange, I don’t get any feeling that “save” button is depressed. Of course, it is all tap-tap on screen, but here its like tapping on empty space. So, the “x” next to “save” never even blinks. As a result, I have all encrypted notes and an error that they key is not present or not set as active.

Any help, please?

As I understand it the pre-release uses a newer encryption algorithm. I cannot find the post but I am sure that I recently read that the IOS version is not ready yet, hence the current IOS version will not accept your key.

Yes, this must be it! If I set the encryption on the iPad side, it propagates just fine. On the other hand, Android worked okay, but the pre-release was only for desktops as far as I remember reading. I guess, I’ll just go back to releases since I need all of the devices.

I am sure you have considered this but make sure you take a JEX backup of your notes before you go back to the release version. As you have synced using the pre-release version, the older desktop release version will not be able to decrypt the notes that use the updated encryption!

Of course. And it worked like a charm, so now I have version 1.0193 on all devices with a single key.
(I really wish there was a way to delete unused keys. I guess re-encoding introduced in 1.0194 would be able to help, so one would re-encode with a new key and so all other keys would become obsolete.)
Thanks for replying.

Just to close this thread. I just upgraded to 1.0195, re-encoded on one device and then simply synced all others. Now all is good with a single key as I always wanted.