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What issue do you have?

I experience the following problem:

[1] I activated a trial version of the Basic Plan (guaranteed with a valid bank card)

[2] Few days later I cancelled the Basic subscription because I decided to switch to the Teams plan

[3] The trial period of the Basic plans expired in 10 days and my account with Joplin Cloud was marked as disabled

[4] I activated a trial version of the Teams Plan (guaranteed with a valid bank card)

[5] In my account with Joplin Cloud I still see the notice that my account is disabled and the synchronisation does not work.

Please help.

Hello, you would need to use a different email address for your new Teams account. So the best way would to be explicitly cancel the one you've just created, and recreate a new Teams account with a new email address

It is very strange that it works this way. I want and I need to use the same e-mail address. Is there any way to achieve that?

Thank you.

Your email is how you access your account, so that's why there can only be one email per account. If you want to reuse the same email, you can maybe change the email to a different one in the other account, then apply again for the Teams account with your preferred email.

I need a very simple thing -- use my existing e-mail with the Teams plan. It seems pretty simple and straightforward. Ultimately, I need a workable and reliable solution--that's what I am willing to pay money for but nothing less than that.

There's nothing too complicated but indeed we don't currently support having two accounts with the same email. I've sent you a PM, please send me you email and I'll check what can be done

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Please check your PM.

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