Two Master Keys

Android Joplin App 2.8.1

I am migrating from Android Microsoft OneNote to Android Joplin App 2.8.1 with Joplin Cloud Storage. I created a Master Key encryption on 28/08/2022. To improve my security, I decided to unencrypt my Joplin notes, and create a new Master Key encryption (increased password length) on 29/08/2022. Now I have two Master Keys listed, one for 28/08/2022 & one for 29/08/2022. I have not lost my data.

I would like to eliminate the first Master Key encryption 28/08/2022, and retain my second Master Key encryption but do not know how to do. Suggestions would greatly be appreciated, please

From the desktop app, you can go to the Encryption settings, and disable the keys you don't need. They will still exist but will be hidden from view.

Using Windows Joplin App, i disabled 28/08/2022 Encryption key, leaving 29/08/2022 Encryption key active. Windows Joplin App says "Master password: Not set". Please note that using Android, I did create a Master password which is saved in my password manager - perhaps I did not sync to Joplin Cloud at a particular time???

Windows Joplin App will not allow me to now set a Master password - I can not gain focus of the box to enter a Master password. Android Joplin App when I enter my Master password from my password manager says "The master password is not set or invalid. Please type it below."

So my data is intact in Joplin Cloud, but not encrypted. Suggestions please? Thank you

Update: Windows now allows me to gain focus of the box to enter Master password.

Android Joplin App 2.8.1 with Joplin Cloud storage. Windows 10 Home with Joplin Desktop App 2.8.8 (prod, win32). I now have five Master Keys, and still have access to my data.

On Windows Desktop Joplin App, one Encryption Key is Enabled and not Active, while four Encryption Keys are Disabled with three of these Encryption Keys not Active and with one Encryption Key Active. Question 1: How can a disabled Encryption Key be Active? Eachn of the Windows Encryption Key have an ID of more than twenty characters (I lose count).

On Android Joplin App, all five Encryption Key are listed with ID each of six characters with unstated Active or not status, and no Enabled/Disabled status.

I clearly misunderstood Joplin, If I now understand Joplin correctly: Create an account with long password, Create one long Master password in one Joplin App on one device (#1), then sync; Afterwards then synce a different device running a Joplin App (#2) - the Joplin App #2 will sync the Encryption Key. Thus one only has direct use/access to the Master password once to create the Master password (although I would save in a password manager), the created Encryption key is not accessed by the user.

If I understand correctly, use the Joplin App username & password to login, and then one can sync the used Encryption key, Question 2 - Correct please? If not, a clarification would be appreciated

Slight change in topic. The Joplin App Forum (discourse) allows 2FA Authentication. Why does the Joplin App - Windows Desktop or Android not have 2FA aurthentication please?

Thank you for your help & patience. Looking forward to your response

I awoke this morning; unfortunately with my activities as described, I lost data - not mission criticical - just will take some time to replicate. For my purposes, I will use a different App. fyi. Thank you.

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