The note is not editable if it contains note block only

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What issue do you have?

It is not possible to edit the note in Rich Test if the note starts with code clocks

Add this to a new note in markdown editor and switch to the rich text editor. Mmake sure nothing else exists in the note.


this is a test note edit me


I did what you said, started a new note in richtext, went to another note, went back to the new note. Absolutely no problem on my desktop.

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That is not what I said. It looks like you changed to another note.

Create a new note
Edit it in the regular oldschool markdown editor and add a block like I gave above
Make sure the note does not contain any other text except the actuaul
Switch to rich text edityor so you see it rendered.

It is not possible to edit the note in the rich text when it is like that, you need to go in and out of the block to gain the cursor.

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