The nearly perfect online backup solution (Feature Request)

I found a protocol which i think would be a very big improvement to common cloud backup solutions like dropbox: Nostr (Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays).

Nostr is a decentralized network based on cryptographic keypairs and that is not peer-to-peer, it is super simple and scalable and therefore has a chance of working.

How it works:
Everybody runs a client. It can be a native client, a web client, etc. To publish something, you write a post, sign it with your key and send it to multiple relays (servers hosted by someone else, or yourself). To get updates from other people, you ask multiple relays if they know anything about these other people. Anyone can run a relay. A relay is very simple and dumb. It does nothing besides accepting posts from some people and forwarding to others. Relays don't have to be trusted. Signatures are verified on the client side.

Read more at GitHub - nostr-protocol/nostr: a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working.

IMO this would be a great backup solution because you don't need to register anywhere and everything is natively encrypted and redundant, also implementation would probably relatively straightforward.