The attachment of the note could not be decrypted

Main use environment
Mac OS version v1.0.227 (main environment)
Windows 10 version v1.0.227 (previously unused environment)

Problems and phenomena:
When I synchronize through WebDAV, and then load it on windows,
Prompt me to enter the password, I can confirm that the password I entered is correct, and also decrypt the notes,

However, it was found that many resource software prompts could not be decrypted, and I click try again, which is also unable to decrypt,

I looked at my notes and found out what happened to my notes,
The text content of my notes is normal, but there is something wrong with the attachment of my note. I can’t open it. I can’t find the file.

I’m experiencing similar problem. Some of the attachments can not be decrypted. This happened on the Ubuntu 20.04 version version v 1.0.227