The appearance of selected/unselected notes in iOS version


I just came across an issue which is partly due to misinterpretation on my part, but which might be interesting for you to know about or address.
On my restored iOS app, I wanted to erase the 5 introductory Joplin notes that appear with every new installation. I wanted to do it from "All notes". I clicked on the "coche"/"check mark" to select and then thought I "selected" the five notes (but had actually unselected them), then erased the selected notes... thus, removed all except the five I wanted to delete!
(I recovered all through an export from a desktop version, so no problem for me, and probably fewer encryption codes now :wink: ...)

I don't know if it seems useful to you to make the "selected"/"unselected" appear more clearly than by changing the white/grey background (e.g., with a checked box or circle) but wanted to share this little mistake with you because it might possibly happen to others...

Thanks again for your excellent app.