Text Formatting Options in Context Menu

It’s quite inconvenient to format text by clicking buttons on the toolbar.

And for some people, it’s too much to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Can we implement text formatting options on the context menu?

If yes then I would like to make a PR.


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@PackElend Any comments on this?

could be an improvement, it should only clone the commands in the toolbar otherwise there would be more code to manage.

I cannot tell, if that would break existing code, let’s wait for additional feedback

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From my little bit of research with how the ace and similar editors work, this part of the code is baked into the modules and not directly implemented the way you think it would be in Joplin. Could be a huge part of why it hasn’t been implemented despite being a standard feature in most editors.


I have modified the code locally, and everything works fine!
@PackElend @bedwardly-down

@laurent you want him to PR the change?


@mhimanshu712 nice one, what tool did you use to make your gif?

Thanks, there are plenty of similar softwares in the market.
I use Recordit.

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I straight up use OBS with screen recording on. But, I'll have to look into Recordit. :smiley:

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please to a PR as the code is already there, there is no extra effort needed isn’t it?
Review will take place on GH

I was waiting for confirmation from @laurent.
I am making the PR.

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there are some many post and if everyone mentiones him, he begins ignoring them :wink:

Okay :joy: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If he sees comments grow substantially on a GH bug, i think his mind explodes. I’m wrangling in one that has like 300 posts on it and it’s growing due to user tests and reports. Ha

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for the record, the related closed PR

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