Tagging plugin / (Copy Tags plugin)

This is my first attempt with typescript and Joplin plugins.

With the plugin it is possible to copy all tags a note has to other notes.

The JPL package is downloadable from the GitHub releases.


  • Select multiple notes (The first marked note must be the one from which the tags are to be copied)
  • Click on Tools > Copy all Tags

I have added a tagging list through which tags can be applied to all selected notes or deleted.

:exclamation: But for the new update at least Joplin v1.6.2 is required :exclamation:


This is awesome, thank you!

As an extension - what do you think of following dialog appearing when you select multiple notes and press "Tagging list" button (akin to Evernote):

source URL (one of the pictures I could find with google "assign tag dialog"). "=Vorlage", "=Zeugnis" etc. are the tag names.

The main points are:

:ballot_box_with_check: means all selected notes have this tag.

  • Uncheck will remove tag from notes.
  • Check will add tag to notes.

image means some of the selected notes have tag

  • Uncheck will remove tag from notes.
  • Uncheck and Check will add tag to notes.

image means none of the selected notes has tag

  • Check will add tag to notes.

image toggles, if you can see (and add) tags that are not assigned to any note at all.

image allows to create new tags, which can then be added to selected notes.

This is one of the Evernote features, I honestly miss for organizing/tagging multiple notes. I have thought to implement this myself, though you seem to have quite advanced with your plugin.

Hi @bela53,


Already implemented.

Already implemented.

is implemented so that this indicates that these tags will be deleted

Tag adding is one of the functions I am implementing.
But not as a list with all tags, but as it is in Joplin to enter the tags.

v1.0.0 (2021-05-21)

There is a completely reworked version of the plugin!

  • Rename Plugin to Tagging
  • Rename Tagging list command to Tagging dialog
  • Add: Tag search on tagging dialog
  • Add: Tag creation on tagging dialog

v1.0.1 (2021-05-21)

  • Fix: Dialog colors on theme change

Hi there,

love your plugin. Removal of tags works fine. Only adding tags after a tag search does not.
Plugin can find the tag, I can select it, but then I get an empty space besides the checkbox.


Joplin 2.1.7 (prod, win32)
Revision: 04c4015c8
Tagging plugin 1.0.1




is the tag with a special char?

Hi Jack,

no, the tag has no special characters or blanks (tag:today).

If I try to tag notes with "today" via your plugin, it does not work the first time. As described, the tag "today" is found when I search for it. I can select it, but then the tag does not show up beside the checkbox.

If I tag each not individually (without your plugin), then I can remove and add the tag again via your plugin.



Can you post a video?
I have just tried it in various combinations and cannot replicate it at the moment.

Sorry JackGruber for late reply! I cannot post a video but with recent Joplin update, the problem seems to not appear anymore! Cheers, CoarseGrater

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Hi Jack,

I wonder if it's maybe possible to have, in the plugin Tagging, a function to filter the list of notes by tag.


  • I search for all the notes with the tag "tags"
  • I select them all with Ctrl+a
  • and click on "Tagging dialog"
  • I see that some notes, in addition to the tag "tags", have also the tag "firefox" or "thunderbird" or "joplin".
  • at this point I would like to be able, in some way, to select joplin and filter all the notes that have both the tag "tags" and the tag "joplin".
  • at the moment I have to exit the tagging dialog and add tag:joplin to the search manually.


Hi @Giacomo,

I see what you mean, but the tagging plugin is only for add / remove tags from the selected notes.
I don't want to add another searchlogic to Joplin in the plugin.

Hi @JackGruber

Ok, thanks