Synchronization format choice (md,jex,pdf)


It would be handy to have the choice in the exported format used with synchronization capability, and ideally, having the possibility to execute a script on sync success when a change occur.

This request is based on what i had in mind for my workflow :

  • synchronize in joplin raw format (no sensitive data, tags are exported too)
  • trigger a script on success to
    • push data to git
    • generate a blog by using mkdocs
    • etc…

Any thoughts ?

PS: Not related, but a different icon for the system tray when a synchronization is running/failed would be handy too

PS2: Adding only the possibility to execute a script after the synchronization could let the user execute a script who execute joplin cli to export in the wanted format before parsing the output


I think it makes more sense to build up this workflow using the Joplin API.

That way you could run your own script whenever you were ready to publish.

That said, having script hooks on sync would be useful, I’ll probably look into that for myself as well.