Synchronisation with

Hello folks,

i am using yoursecurecloud as a cloud service and just installed joplin on my PC and on my Android Smartphone. The software itself does not include a build in service to synchronize with yoursecurcloud (Seafile Appliction used).

So i went the way to synchronize with a location at my file system on my PC and let Seafile synch that in the cloud. Now i am sitting with my Android Smartphone with installed Joplin trying to synch my Joplin PC with my Android Joplin.

Is that even possible with a service not already build in like dropbox?

Thanks for helping

Does YourSecureCloud offer webdav support? If so, you should be able to leverage that with ease.

Umforunatly it does not seem so :frowning:

Seafile does provide WebDAV. Maybe the cloud provider deactivated it.

Well, you can sync to the filesystem and use the seafile sync app.
On android you can do the same thing.

Synchronize Ultimate on Android works with YourSecureCloud if you select Seafile on their app.
LuckyCloud works with AutoSync (MetaCtrl) for WebDAV on Android. you just have to add /luckydav to their URL.