Sync with webdav error

operating system:window 10
problem:i use webdav to sync ,it can upload some file ,but sometime it can show error,like this
log.txt (55.7 KB)

waiting for reply

if need,i can give my webdav info

is there someone can give me help

It looks like a problem with the server, especially if it's random. "Error 401" means you are not authenticated so you need to provide the correct username or password. Or if you've already done that and it mostly works, you need to fix the server.

the user and password is correct,and can connect to webdav by test.i also can see the folder and md files by sync.i use other webdav client with infomation can work well.

if need,i can give my webdav info to can have a test and debug it.i don't know programe

can you help me to debug it?

when you check the synchronization configuration what is the outcome? You should see something like this:

Success! Synchronization configuration appears to be correct.

config is correct.i can see it have upload some files to webdav server