Sync Notes in Dual boot working environment

I use a dual boot system, I want my notes to be accessible from both OS. I have set up a common folder for the notes, under synchronization options as Filesystem. I have read earlier asked questions in the forum, and understood there occurs conflict, primarily due to system clocks, sync timestamps, etc. Can someone please explain the correct solution?


You can't do that safely and you might lose notes or corrupt your database without realising it. The only correct solution is to have each OS use a different profile.

(see below)

Thanks for the reply.
I managed to work somewhat in this way. But still far from the ideal.

Whenever booting into another OS, the first thing I do is, from the synchronization option->Advanced settings->delete local data and copy from sync target.

In this way all notes are available. Still, the attachment files are not available, as they are physically located in the resources folder of home directories.

How can we keep resources inside the same shared folder?

@piyush2989, are you using something like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Nextcloud, to sync your notes? If you have set up one of these, don't share a folder, each OS will sync with the service you use. When you reboot and change OS, all the changes will be available (because the different instances of Joplin will all be syncing to the same service).

I don't want to use any cloud service. I just want local sync.

Maybe have a look at this article

This will end up with copying files from OS1->shared folder, then shared folder->OS2.
At this point, I just want to somehow change the "resources" directory to be one something relative to shared_folder, and make its path stored in database.sqlite. So both OS should fetch for files from this relative address(relative to Filesystem sync target).

If I read the question correctly, @piyush2989 isn't sharing a profile but using a shared folder for file system sync. Which, I think, should be absolutely fine.

Having read the other messages I am no longer sure that it was what the OP wanted...

Hmm, yes looks like you're right, so indeed it's fine to use filesystem sync in this case. It's sharing profile folders that wouldn't be safe.

Thank you guys for the replies. I don't want to share a profile, which may lead to other conflicts in any other settings of the application. I just want to pull the .resources folder out of the OS-specific and User-specific installation, and keep it in a commonplace.

I tried SQLite browser, to find the table entries if it stores the path of the .resources folder, but couldn't find any. I was trying to somehow make settings to pick the resources from $Filesystem-path-variable/resources directory.
As I was already importing the notes from sync target, the resources' hashed names
and correlation with notes is preserved.

For the time being, I am back to QOwnNotes, with which I never faced this problem, plus it imports all my Joplin notes.


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