Sync Joplin notes in a human friendly format


A big fan of Joplin since I've discovered it a few months ago. Thanks so much for everyone who is involved.

I have a use-case which may be common and I couldn't find a solution to it so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion:

I use Joplin as my personal note taking app. But, every once in a while, there's a note I'd like to share with others. The thing is I don't want to force my teammates to use Joplin. Ideally I can share over markdown and they can use whatever editor they'd like.

I could export the note to markdown, upload it to dropbox and share but this has two issues.

  1. Takes manual work
  2. If my friends make changes to the notes, I then need to manually copy the changes to Joplin.

So I wonder, is there any way, as part of the official sync or outside of it, to store Joplin notes in regular markdown + have it synced if the markdown changes?

If not, are there any other workarounds to allow me sharing notes without forcing my teammates to use Joplin?

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Joplin Cloud supports note sharing and collaboration, even with encryption... But of course that's not free so might not be the answer you're looking for :smile:

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I think this topic came up several times here already, and if I understand the situation correctly: this is not a use-case that will be directly supported by Joplin any time soon. Joplin holds the notes internally in a DB for various reasons and this would be difficult to implement and go against the design ideas.

If co-op with non-joplin people is necessary for you, maybe it might be best to use something like Obsidian, or the like?

But again: I am not a dev. I might be wrong.

well, we have to at least mention that there's a plugin for external (proprietary, open core) service called HackMD

The service does allow collaboration but import back to Joplin is not implemented yet

@graphit0 Thanks for mention
Yes, you right, currently only one way export is supported, but both directions sync is in the RoadMap now

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Thanks! Happy to pay but I don't want to force my friends to use Joplin. I think Joplin Cloud still requires to use Joplin, but I'll make sure

Cool I'll check it out but over an initial look it still require my colleagues to use HackMD. I'm looking for something more open.

You can export your notes into markdown. What else is more open?

You want that an export (which is then no longer part of the app) to be automatically synced by the app. Hmmm. This is out of the scope of Joplin. It's out of scope for any note taking app.

I feel like op is seeking a way to make a private network where he could place the markdown files and somehow sync them with Joplin. Of course, that would imply that the friends would have to be "forced" to use that private network.
And that's the problem that would arise every time when any collaboration tool is suggested :slightly_smiling_face:

  • use git!
  • don't want to force friends to use git


I'm sorry if I got out of line with this joke. Coming back to the topic:

Currently there's no plugin that would keep a markdown backup in sync with running Joplin database

I mean Joplin can update external attachments, including .MD files (wink, wink Attaché plugin) but it's not going to be native Joplin notes, just an attachment to the note that's going to be opened with external editor. Although, idk, maybe that's your jam, op.

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As mentioned above, there are currently several ways to export and share notes, but for synchronous editing, you must use joplin (or an online editor provided by a joplin server), but if collaborative editing is not a strong requirement, then simply There are many options for sharing.

  1. Use the shared notes function of joplin server
  2. Use the plugin to share a single note, reference:
  3. Use joplin-blog to batch export your notes to an online blog or wiki for others to view

But anyway, if you need to collaborate at scale at work, you shouldn't use joplin, it's a personal note-taking tool first, and then some other extras.



Yes and no :smiley:. Only author (you) needs to be a registered user. Everyone else can view and edit (online) your shared on HackMD note without registration (anonymously)