Sychronisation generated over 30,000 notes

I imported about 7000 notes from Evernote. This worked well. Afterwards, I started E2E and synchronsed.
Upon synchronising on another PC about week later, I find I have dowload over 30,000 notes.
Are the notes duplicated?
Is it old versions?
How can I reduce these to just the 7000 most current versions?

I think these are probably also attached resources, such as images etc.

The last attempt seems to have syched to end without error. Through the syn 149,859 items were download over a duration of approx 24 hours. The number of downloaded items seems to have nothing to do with the number of downloaded notes. No error message.
I am a bit concerned what this is going to do to my mobile data plan when I synch to the phone.

150k items seem excessive. Do you have 21 resources (images, files, …) attached to every single note?

What does your Synchronization Status page say? I’m not interested in the folders, but the first part.

This part:

Sync status (synced items / total items)
Note: x/x
Folder: x/x
Resource: x/x
Tag: x/x
NoteTag: x/x
MasterKey: x/x
Revision: x/x
Total: x/x
Conflicted: x
To delete: x

The number of items synchronised seems to be increasing - currentl over 150,000 items.

Sync status (synced items / total items)

Note: 10944/11016
Folder: 5/5
Resource: 10189/10189
Tag: 3850/3850
NoteTag: 122994/122994
MasterKey: 1/1
Revision: 1999/2143
Total: 149982/150198

You have a huge amount of tags. According to the info you posted every note of yours could have 31 tags in average.

I’m not sure what is going on, but that’s the culprit.

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Yes, that is why I posted this.
That does not seem right does it?
It is possible to identify which tags are used infrequently? (or not at all?)
Which tags are very common?
What possibilities are there for tag management?

This depends. Did you create or import 3850 tags? Did you assign them to notes extensively or did the imported notes have massive tags assigned?

I wouldn't know which Joplin functionality would create tags and assign them without your knowledge.

Unfortunately not many. You can assign tags and you can remove tags. That's it.

This can only be done by running SQL statements against the database.

Thanks for your help. I was thinking of your comment “31 tags in average” actually which sounds a lot.
It is good that Joplin is built on a SQL database. Makes sense.
It is a pity that some to the boolean logic that is so useful in database inquiries have not found its way to the use of tags for finding notes.
I suppose I could back to writing SQL scripts but I am not sure I want to.
Still, I thank you for suggesting the option.
Is there a platform that you can recommend for this?

A platform for what?

In any case, if you tell me exactly what info you need , I can write the statements for you.
e.g. number of a notes associated with a tag ordered by number of notes descending and tag name ascending.

I really need a precise desscription without ambiguity, otherwise writing the statements will be a pain without further correspondance.