Support sub-directories for resources

Would be nice to have sub-directories for resources.

I.e. when attaching a file, selecting a relative sub-dir (i.e. “test/sub/dir”) would put the attached resource into “resources/test/sub/dir/” directory

I am not a dev myself but those that are may be in a better position to respond to your suggestion if you gave an idea as to how you feel that this would be of benefit compared to how things currently are?

It’s just that having, say, 1k resources under single directory makes things look a bit “disorganized” for me. Though I do get that it’s not intended to browse/sort resources directly outside of the app and I support keeping things simple unless you have good reasons to do otherwise. So I get that my “use-case” (being able to browse/sort resources in a file manager) might be unique.

I think this would be helpful too.

You are not supposed to mess with files outside of Joplin. If you do, all bets are off.

Nobody will implement a feature that is not supported.