Suggestion: add a template LICENSE to generated plugins

(I had opened this as a GitHub Issue but it looks like feature suggestions for the main repo are redirected to here)

I noticed that a plugin that I want to contribute to, does not have a LICENSE file - so I opened an issue requesting that the status of the code be clarified.

It might be a good idea to add the creation of the LICENSE file to the template so that the author is prompted to add something. An alternative option would be to add a hint to the README file to suggest that the author clarifies license and contribution guidelines when they release or announce a new plugin.


It sounds like something that can be asked when Yeoman is going through those initial questions and would default to MIT if nothing else is picked. What would be slightly more complex is making sure it could pick the correct template based on the options and place it into the root of the project.

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I think that would be a great way of fitting it in - I have not used the generator myself, but noticed this specific plugin that was missing a LICENSE and figured it would be good to help to mitigate the issue at source :slight_smile: