Subfolder order

My Joplin in terminal mode is putting subfolders in wrong parent folder.




I’m opening the terminal app with the command:

joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop

I tested in the macOS and Manjaro, in both systems the subfolders in terminal are with problem.

This has been fixed with terminal version 1.0.115. The latest version is 1.0.116.

It helps to run npm-check once in a few weeks... :wink:

@tessus, thanks!

The linked version available in joplin site, for macOS, is still the 1.0.111. As I was running the terminal app with: joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop, so both versions of joplin were 1.0.111. Now I installed the terminal program via brew install joplin, version 1.0.116.

Using manjaro I had the same problem. By yay -S joplin, the current version is 1.0.106-1, via AppImage the version available is 1.0.111. For terminal application I used npm to get the 1.0.116 version.

Yes, version 1.0.111 is the current version for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Please note that Android, iOS, Desktop and CLI all have different version numbers. They do not correlate. The web site usually links to the latest (official) versions available.
npm always has the latest (official) cli version.

homebrew might not have the latest version. Sometimes there are newer tags in the repo, but they are either pre-releases or not published yet.