Strange behavior on GUI Windows 10

Hi all
I use Win 10, the newest Joplin Rel on my Thiinkpad 8GB Ram and 1TB HD storage.

  1. If I try to open a feature over the GUI the links do not open (New note, Chenge not or so)
  2. If I use the "@@note(example for linking)" it does not perform the action I want to have. It seems as Internal linking is not responding.
  3. Changing to the option panel or any other Menue it does not recognice the click.

What I did:

cleand cache
cleand the insallation but with out deleting the "@joplinuser folder"
cleaned the registry
cleaned the HD
rebootet the NB
Sync the whole folder again to onedrive
Backup the folder, reinstalled joplin again (as it was not installed) restored the folder Problem still got not away.

I`m stuck :slight_smile:

Thanks for any Help.


Hi Urs,

I'm having trouble following the description of your problem, could you add a screen recording illustrating the behaviour?


Thanks @graphit0 for your help. I may have solved the problem.


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