Simple Backup duplicates every backup file

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.10 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 6671eb5aaf454082b447c3d8f6525cf1
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 9731936

Joplin DDDot: 0.2.0
Note overview: 1.6.0
Quick Links: 1.2.4
Simple Backup: 1.3.4
Templates: 2.4.0

What issue do you have?

The output of Simple Backup (as individual files, not all-in-one) gets created with everything duplicated. Every notebook has the file and a duplicate of it with a "_1" suffix.

Notebook-A.jex 123KB
Notebook-A_1.jex 123KB
Notebook-B.jex 321KB
Notebook-B_1.jex 321KB

and on and on for a hundred or so notebooks.

I never noticed this before as I had always created a single JEX but in this case I needed individual files. Should I just delete all the "_1" files?

Could you please configure the logging of the backup to verbose and post the logfile.

Log file is rather large but here is a relevant section

It goes through and does an "Export" followed by a "Save as" for each notebook

[2023-12-25 09:46:45.674] [info] Select notebooks for export

[2023-12-25 09:46:45.688] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Alkaline' (5130ac58db0340bb8d77a007ad9f93fa)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.689] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Lithium' (229ce2a43a994050b574a13780f08ce0)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.689] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Ni-MH' (69328a61844443bcac09b836f20ef5bf)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.689] [verbose] Add 'Battery Packs' (0220e6a1f12a4655b73b3d1bccdefb3d)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.690] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Device' (578e62079fc64294b9696c1a5c8b3461)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.690] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Coin' (cc344a6298da487481135346e1690101)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.690] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Lead-Acid' (354fe157acd44767a46b94d4639735eb)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.690] [verbose] Add 'Battery Accessories' (2d28004f1fed4aa4ae03c17e8082787c)

and the rest of the notebooks and then starts again

[2023-12-25 09:46:45.702] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Alkaline' (5130ac58db0340bb8d77a007ad9f93fa)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.702] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Lithium' (229ce2a43a994050b574a13780f08ce0)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.702] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Ni-MH' (69328a61844443bcac09b836f20ef5bf)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.702] [verbose] Add 'Battery Packs' (0220e6a1f12a4655b73b3d1bccdefb3d)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.702] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Device' (578e62079fc64294b9696c1a5c8b3461)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.703] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Coin' (cc344a6298da487481135346e1690101)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.703] [verbose] Add 'Battery, Lead-Acid' (354fe157acd44767a46b94d4639735eb)
[2023-12-25 09:46:45.703] [verbose] Add 'Battery Accessories' (2d28004f1fed4aa4ae03c17e8082787c)

I did an individual backup in October and just took a look at it. It has only the single JEX for each notebook as expected. I just did an "Export All" and wiped everything out. Then reloaded it all, installed the 1.3.4 Simple Backup and tried again. It didn't duplicate all the notebooks this time, only about 50% got the extra "_1" version.

As I rarely need the individual backups I don't really require Simple Backup. The "export all" works fine and if I do need one particular notebook I can just export that one.


I can't say anything with just this excerpt. I need the whole logfile.

Unfortunately I can't provide the entire file (security/privacy issues) so let's just call this issue closed. It only affects the one profile and is rarely needed anyway.

I wiped everything again (.config and sync target) and imported again. Problem went away. Did exactly what I did the first time but this time I don't that problem.

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