Setting math as PNG in export?


You can set math as PNG in Wikipedia preferences.
I know their backend is MediaWiki ;
so the question is when I am exporting from Joplin as html ; and I'm wanting to import in another software the math equations in html are causing me grief that I need them in PNG format. What is a method that would allow me to achieve as such ? I've spent countless hours perfecting math equations in latex within my Joplin files and I would rather achieve what I am wanting without touching Joplin preferably...
For other support queries please indicate:

  • The version you are using. 2.6.10 (prod, win32)
  • The operating system you are using. Windows 10

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello there, welcome around

As far as I'm aware, at this moment there's no feature like that in Joplin.

I'm not an expert in Latex but I believe you can convert Joplin export (md or html) in latex format using pandoc. So, if some latex editors allow export of the formulas in .png, you'd get the better luck there.

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