Selecting multiple tags to see items at the intersection of those tags

I also want to ask for this feature, It is very useflul.


Me too; tagging is as essential as searching.
(In you can do a lot with tags.)


I read that last night before I posted and I'll be 100% honest that I couldn't tell if it was what I was asking about or not, so I decided to err on the side of asking anyway in case it wasn't. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using tiddlywiki recently and I’m loving it. Even without the markdown extension.

I tried dokuwiki on a stick a few months back and liked that as well but this is even better.

I always shied away from tw before because I thought there is a learnings curve or something and there is. Only a bit though but the things you can do with it, the possibilities.

Being able to filter notes using multiple tags is a fundamental tagging feature in my opinion. Adding this would be much appreciated.


Your posting is not new but the discussion goes on, so it is stll current.
See another discussion of tagging here and the discussion.

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Here is a feature discussion from 2018. I am not sure what happened to this.
It does not seem to concentrate on tagging the way I would like.

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Just bumping this thread in the hope there has been / will be some movement on it?

It seems many people would benefit from the following:

  • Ctrl-clicking multiple tags to do an ‘AND’ search for them
  • Nested tags allowing them to be categorised (like Evernote)

As an Evernote user I would love to migrate to Joplin but (in my eyes at least) these are fundamental missing features. I’ve seen plenty discussion on this forum around boolean tag searches and more complex implementations, but I don’t know if the developers have this on their ‘to do’ list.

I know everyone has pet issues they think are more important than everyone else’s but I’d really like to know if this is likely to be addressed in the foreseeable future. Can any devs weigh in?


I’ve been waiting for this feature to switch to Joplin.
Shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Really hope it’ll be prioritized soon!

Have a look at the search engine project to see what is currently being developed.

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Your wait is over! Tag filters along with a bunch of other cool stuff has been added to Joplin!
Check it out :


You did a tremendously great effort. Thanks a million.

But he, and I too, need an additional feature if possible: to "Select" (rather than type) several tags from the tags list to see the notes having all of them. So far, we have to remember the exact tag names and type them in the search (whihc is a great feature of course), but remembering them all exactly could be problematic if you have sevral long names of tags.

Thanks in adanvce, and again, thanks for all the efforts you did in the search featuers :slight_smile:


I understand. Selecting would be more user friendly.

You don’t really have to remember the tag names exactly though. You can put a wildcard anywhere!



What would really add usefulness for this in the apps would be to add this syntax to “saved searches.” Perhaps in the navigation on the left under notebooks and tags.


This is so great! Thank you so much for your effort!

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For me this would be the perfect feature too. Something like in Kibana that if you select one tag you can see it like what you are filtering.

You can check the kibana demo filtering "Logs Severity": kibana demo

This one has also the option to remove some tags adding the NOT at the beginning.

Right now we can do it form the search with tag:tag1 tag:tag2 tag:tag3 but is not the same.

Thank you so much!

Can I re-bump this thread to ask if any #gsoc-2021 developers would like take this up? In summary the request is for ctrl/cmd-clicking multiple tags, to do an 'AND' search for notes with those tags.

It was brought within reach by the efforts @naviji in a GSOC2020 search engine project but sadly not quite implemented as a ctrl-click feature, only by typing the query manually.

This feature alone would be a massive functionality boost, but if a GSOC project needs more content, a great stretch goal would be to implement a tree structure to store tags, with a drag-and-drop filing method to arrange them. Anyone interested?


Any progress on this?


+1 this would be awesome