Search operator positions the cursor on the preview

Is this a normal behavior?
When I search for a word within a page the result is shown in the preview only. Therefore, I have to eyeball the word I’m looking for in the editor because, as mentioned in another thread I opened earlier, preview pane and editor pane don’t sync.

Yes, the search is done in the preview not in the editor.

Hm... It's confusing though. The way I see it Joplin is primarily an editor.
I think the priority, in this case, should be given to the editor, not the preview. Or not? :confused:

Ideally it would be both. But it’s very difficult to do with the current editor and relatively easy with the viewer. This will probably be improved eventually, but if it is really bothersome for you then you’re always welcome to make the feature yourself. Joplin is an open source project afterall.

I wish I could, I know nothing about programming. I was just wondering why the choice to give priority to the viewer in this case.

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